Youth Cross

These past months I have been working with a group of youth in Eden Prairie, MN, at Pax Christi Catholic Community, to create a Processional Cross for their youth room and to be used in their worship space. The group came to my studio and worked together in the creation of a design for the piece.


The group wanted a body on the cross and wanted the word “Mercy” on the back of Christ's body.
Warm and cool tile colors were to represent the coming together of all of creation. They wanted their love of God represented by fire. Grateful for their baptism, which continually brings them to new life, was represented with leaves and water images around the cross. People, very important, as reflecting God's image to the group, were depicted with the mirror glass on the back and the images on the staff. Mary and John at the foot of the cross represent the community. Old and young can actually put their hands in on the hand prints on the stand to signify their willingness to follow God and their calling to love others in the community. The group wanted the words “God is Here” to be written on the back side of the cross so that when it was carried in procession everyone would be reminded of this truth along with God's Mercy.

The cross that I carved was a result of combining their ideas and conversations. The group was very impressive with their open sharing and intention of using the cross as a symbol of accepting and welcoming all.

Youth Cross, 98″h X 25″w X 11″d

Back of Cross

Stand for the Cross