Finger Labyrinth

The Advent Season of hope is our blessing this year. We celebrate it with anticipated joy in the Light of Christmas approaching. A few years ago

I created a Finger Labyrinth with the O Antiphons on it. It highlights a title for the Messiah and also Isaiah's prophecy of the coming of the Messiah. On this Advent labyrinth we can travel with our eyes or fingers through the path, praying the ancient prayers that have been offered for centuries. We feel with compassion the many areas of our world that call out for light and relief. Drawn to this light, we seek our center and all it holds for us. As we travel on the labyrinth we pray:

O Jesse, from the genealogy of Christ…a sign for all people.

O Sapientia, wisdom…show us the way to live.

O Oriens, light…shine on darkness.

O Adonia, Lord…set us free.

O Rex Gentium, King of the nations…save us.

O Clavis, key…break walls,lead captives.

O Emmanuel, God with us…come.

May our prayers break open all that binds us.

Finger Labyrinth, 67″h X 21″w X 1″d