Oak Fall Leaves

With the winds and first frost of these past days, we see the familiar sight of leaves blowing past our windows. It creates such a different view to once again see the whole structure of the trees as they lose their leaves. It is a blessing to have the different seasons which remind us that change is good.

This summer the BBC from England came to do a documentary of our Sisters. Continue reading

Basilica Exhibit

Thanks to all who came for the reception this past Sunday at the Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis,MN. I appreciate your support and am grateful to the staff for the wonderful reception that they had. The exhibit will be up through October 25. If you get a chance please stop by and enjoy the carvings. Continue reading

Blessed Theresa With Students

I recently finished this commission which will be hung in the Library of one of the schools where our Sisters have served for many years. There will be a plaque with the following words hung next to the wood carving.

Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger is shown amidst the Totino Grace Students in Fridley, MN with her quote, “Love is the bond that unites us.” Educating others to their fullest potential Continue reading