Wood sculpture is a journey for me.  For over twenty five years my path to wholeness has allowed silence, source, and inspiration to guide me where my heart takes me.  I feel privileged and blessed to be engaged in this ministry.

The international connections that have opened up for me in my work have greatly influenced my life and art.  My role as an artist is to invite viewers to see the familiar in a fresh way by creating a space where one can transcend.  This brings our whole purpose to a new level, helping to create a better world.

I have commission pieces in the United States and internationally.  In my studio I have a variety of wood carvings and prints available for purchase.  All my pieces are unique and custom made.  I also offer consultation for commission work.

Feel free to contact me or stop by my studio to see more images.

Sister Mary Ann Osborne is a featured artist for EnVisionChurch is a global community of people who are interested in liturgy, spirituality, sacred art and architecture, church construction or renovation, worship space design, church furniture design, etc.  Click to view.